Sunday, February 8, 2009

You are not alone!

I wanted to take the time this morning and say that I really do appreciate each of you for being a member here on True Divas. Without you this site would not exist.
I know that life gets rough and we seem to fall off the face of the map, when things are not going our way. I'm here to encourage each of you to stay surrounded by your positive people when things are getting tough, ask for pray, and stop backing away from people who might be able to help you. I'm really don't know who God have me speaking too right now but he said, You can't go through this alone, You need the support from your sisters her in the True Diva Community. We are here to help build one another as well as our community, so we can all build a business together. That's why we have these Monday night Conference Calls, so we can build ourselves, as we build ourselves, we can then build our community by being more helpful or just sharing a smile or an encouraging word, and then that's how you build a business, by caring and expecting nothing in return. If you are going through something let one of the sisters know so we can pray for you. My phone line is always open if you
need me. Stay connected to your sisters who are here to support you. Stop hiding, God may have the answer to your prays right here, but its up to you to reach out! Sisters you know who you are. You are the ones crying behind closed doors, abusing yourself, depressed, always frustrated, and feel like there is no way you can make it. You don't have to do this alone! I love you all.

Your True Diva,
Angela Showers

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